Floor tiles arrive in plenty of alternatives. They have incredible characteristics: they are strong, simple to introduce, savvy, low maintenance and simple to clean. This settles on them a famous decision for use in the home over traditional marble, regular stone slabs, and hardwood floors. There are such huge numbers of assortments of tiles on offer at Brickstile.com, for example, stone, porcelain, vitrified tiles for flooring.

From this article, you can get some idea that which tiles are the best for Indian floors.

Ceramic Tiles

The essential elements of ceramic tiles are natural clay and minerals, which are combined with water, chemical substances, and shading colors. The blend is made into the necessary tile shapes and warmed to high temperatures. You can get these tiles in various completions like gloss, semi-matte, and matte.

Ceramic tiles are modest, financially effective, so you can use them as a potential flooring material for Indian homes – something else, ceramic wall tiles in Delhi are a superior choice. The primary downside of installing ceramic flooring is that it is delicate and inclined to chipping and splitting. Ensure that the contractor worker handles the tiles cautiously to evade any harm.

Glazed ceramic may get dangerous – you’ll show signs of improving well being if you go for matte-finish tiles and concrete or epoxy grouts.

Decide on bunch 4 or gathering 5 tiles for the ground surface as they are intended to deal with light to direct traffic. Brands like Brickstile.com have such tiles on offer.

Make it a point to keep a couple of boxes of a unique parcel of tiles in stock after the installment of the ground surface. Ceramic floor tiles in Delhi are promptly available. So that later on, if there is any damage, the tiles can be effectively replaced.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a sort of ceramic tiles that are made with better clays and additional mineral ingredients, heated at higher temperatures. This procedure makes them thick, less permeable and more grounded than ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles for floors are perfect in high traffic gridlock territories as they are resistant to chipping, scratching and stains. With the presentation of advanced tiles, various plan choices can be accomplished on any floor tile.

It is advisable to go for amended or without joint tiles, where the edges of the tile are cut after they are oven prepared, to get accuracy in size. For a flawless and consistent look, use epoxy grouting and keep a gap of at least 2 millimeters between each tile.

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles for ground surfaces are a mainstream flooring material in Indian homes as a result of their superlative properties like quality, non-porous nature, resistance against stains, and looks that duplicate common marble. Vitrified tiles in Delhi are normally accessible in sizes of 2 x 2 feet or more; this makes installation quick and reduces the number of joints.

Vitrified tiles are made by a procedure of vitrification (of materials like mud and quartz) at high temperatures to frame a solid glass-like sparkly material. These tiles are named:

● Double charged vitrified tiles, which are made with two shading colors to accomplish a two-tone shading on the tile.

● Full body vitrified tiles, which have a uniform shading directly through the tile, helping make scratches imperceptible.

● Soluble salt vitrified tiles that join different patterns on the tile
● Glazed body vitrified tiles, which have an extra sparkle that makes the tiles stain safe.

Some good brands like Brickstile.com offer you to buy online tiles in Delhi.

Terrazzo Tile

A terrazzo tile is a composite of natural marble, granite or quartz chippings that are held together by a resin or solid base with a shading color added to it. It has a one of a kind dotted look and is intended to endure forever.

Their assembling incorporates the way toward uncovering the marble or stone chips on the outside of the concrete and afterward polishing them till they are smooth. One pro of terrazzo tile flooring is that if the surface gets exhausted throughout the years, it very well may be restored and cleaned to look like new.

Decide on pre-cleaned tiles, which require low maintenance and are scratch-safe.

Stone Tiles

These tiles are made with normal stone materials like sandstone, slate, travertine, marble, and granite. Natural stone tiles include shading, surface, and warmth with their unique kind patterns that give class and wealth to space. The natural stone pieces are machine-sliced to standard square or rectangular tiles. Note that stone tiles for floors should be fixed periodically as they are porous.

Try to avoid utilizing acid cleaners or solid soap-based cleanser on these floors, as they tend to consume and harm the surface.

A company like Brickstile.com, manufacture these types of tile that we have already discussed here. You can choose any of these tiles to create a unique design at your home.


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