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The journey of Brickstile is not impressed by just an idea, it was inculcated through a struggling phase, when I was just building my new home, it is always a dream for everyone to décor their home with every possible beautiful things, and among it tiling work has the most important attention, because tiles last for long and enhance the beauty of your home to the extent.

But all these dreams of mine were easy to feel, yes believe me it was much easy to feel, but it gives a hard pain when you leave your office or business before time to search for the best tile trader in your city. At that time even Google was not frequent in searches, so it was again a big problem. However I managed to find a good tile retail shop near to my newly under construction house (not much closer. It was 8 kms from the site). And now a big problem arouse, to find the labor for installing it on my floor and walls, because again the mason has to be the expert into it. All over again a new exercise started and all these things burnt my almost 10 days altogether, which is really a big loss for my business

During these days I decided that I will find the solution for the same problem, and tried testing model of online selling of tiles initially through the messaging and through calling team. But it was not much impressive in terms of facilitating the clients. Then I decided to adapt the tile business as my main business and draft a complete business where a person can explore a range of tiles of varied brands and can purchase tiles online, and sit just relaxed because we just do not sale tiles, we provide the complete solution of fixing tiles at the site.

We started Brickstile which we call the 360 degree tiling solution provider. Here we give the best price of the branded tiles and facilitate you with its fixture by our expert and experienced labor at the most competitive price. By using our platform we guarantee you, that you will save your money as well as your precious time. So Just come and find your Tiling Partner. And also we are always striving to provide you more qualitative services through BRICKSTILE.



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